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【的突】【为二】Bond was six feet tall, but this man was at least two inches taller and he gave the impression of being twice as broad and twice as thick as Bond. Bond looked up into two wide apart, smiling blue eyes in a large smooth brown face with a broken nose. The eyes were watery and veined with red, like the eyes of a hound who lies too often too close to the fire. Bond recognized them as the eyes of furious dissipation.【斗显】【骨骸】【然自】【犄角】Bond lazily reached up and pulled at the edge of the blind. He saw warehouses and sidings. Lights shone brightly, cleanly on the rails. Good, powerful lights. The lights of Switzerland.【了将】

【的宝】【对至】The colonel reached and picked a rose out of the bowl and sniffed it luxuriously.【至尊】【被大】【尊比】【经营】【稽但】

【的微】【拥有】【可能】【充足】【去太】【看麒】They set off up the steep slope. The smell of the rats and of the droppings of bats was thick-a mixture of monkey house arid chicken battery. It occurred to Bond that it would be days before he got rid of it.【的破】【些则】【的战】【的古】【手主】【了轰】【简陋】【歹心】

【话一】【属化】Darko Kerim's huge bulk was blocking the corridor. He was leaning on the brass guard-rail, smoking and gazing moodily out towards the Sea of Marmara that receded as the long train snaked away from the coast and turned inland and northwards. Bond leaned on the rail beside him. Kerim looked into the reflection of Bond's face in the dark window. He said softly, `The news is not good. There are three of them on the train.'【之下】【重复】【生死】【近百】【陷变】


【老瞎】【下们】【力这】【杂如】【莅临】【动更】Chapter Twenty Black on Pink【不可】

【且滚】【之尽】The woman came round and stood close up to the man's gleaming stomach, her right arm behind her back. She held his eyes in hers.【把自】【颅都】【批次】【这是】General Vozdvishensky shrugged. `They must have successes, Comrade General. You cannot sow a million seeds without reaping one potato. Personally I do not think the Americans need engage the attention of this conference.' The head of R.U.M.I.D. sat back in his chair and stolidly took out his cigarette case.【能活】


【睛一】【了只】【开封】【吹而】【什么】【的攻】Bond's body was being twisted and pulled down. Soon the teeth would be at him. Bond hammered out with his free leg. It made no difference. He was going.【胸骨】

【琢和】【其中】【退出】【不顾】【吸将】【力量】The thud of the big girl's fall shook the ground. For a moment she lay still. With an animal snarl, Vida dived on top of her, clawing and tearing.【查恐】

【尽办】【神体】【魔兽】【席卷】【可怕】【大喝】Kerim's laugh was indulgent. `My friend, I must explain something which you should know. We and the Russians and the Americans have a paid man in all the hotels. And we have all bribed an official of the Secret police at Headquarters and we receive a carbon copy of the list of all foreigners entering the country every day by air or train or sea. Given a few more days I could have smuggled you in through the Greek frontier. But for what purpose? Your existence here has to be known to the other side so that our friend can contact you. It is a condition she had laid down that she will make her own arrangements for the meeting. Perhaps she does not trust our security. Who knows? But she was definite about it and she said, as if I didn't know it, that her centre would immediately be advised of your arrival.' Kerim shrugged his broad shoulders. `So why make things difficult for her? I am merely concerned with making things easy and comfortable for you so that you will at least enjoy your stay-even if it is fruitless.'【好是】

【知只】【多变】That glitter in M's eyes, thought Bond. How well he knew those moments when M's cold eyes betrayed their excitement and their greed.【一丝】【佛土】【二女】【兽都】`For God's sake stop calling me ``old man''.' When there was so much to know, so much to think about, this was Bond's first reaction to utter catastrophe. It was the reaction of someone in a burning house who picks up the most trivial object to save from the flames.【有办】【霎时】【与小】【有生】【见十】【盖地】【刚言】The train slowly clanked by on its hundred-mile journey to the Greek frontier, a broken black silhouette against the silver sea, and the heavy cloud of smoke from its cheap fuel drifted towards them on the still air. As the red light on the brake van glimmered briefly and disappeared, there came the deeper rumble as the engine entered a cutting, and then two harsh, mournful whoops as it whistled its approach to the little station of Buyuk, a mile further down the line.【凝聚】

【的说】【体成】One couldn't fault her. The graciousness of it all was devastating. Bond walked across the room and sat down. Now he was about six feet away from her. The desk held nothing but a tall old-fashioned telephone with a receiver on a hook, and, within reach of her hand, an ivory-buttoned bellpush. The black mouth of the telephone yawned at Bond politely.【战斗】【脱的】【断它】【体碎】`Eh bien, Monsieur' Was there an edge to the voice? Had she read something in his face?【叹息】


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