【是没】【死之】【升为】【达到】【如果】Tatiana stretched out a hand and caught hold of the edge of the coat and tugged at it. Bond pulled up the window and turned. He smiled down at her. He read her eyes. He bent and put his hands on the fur over her breasts and kissed her hard on the lips. Tatiana leant back, dragging him with her.

【化成】【三处】【己姐】【体了】【红粉】`Good morning-s.' (To Bond, one of May's endearing qualities was that she would call no man `sir' except-Bond had teased her about it years before-English kings and Winston Churchill. As a mark of exceptional regard, she accorded Bond an occasional hint of an `s' at the end of a word.)

【惮谁】【界非】【技正】【及冥】【万瞳】`Then came the operation. Our Head of Operations is quite a character. I'd say she's killed more people than anyone in the world-or arranged for them to be killed. Yes, it's a woman. Name of Klebb-Rosa Klebb. Real swine of a woman. But she certainly knows all the tricks.'
【把其】【劈去】【臂嘴】【告嘛】【小灵】The wet, rubbery lips parted enticingly. `It is a simple, delightful duty you have been chosen for, Comrade Corporal-a real labour of love, as we say. It is a matter of falling in love. That is all. Nothing else. Just falling in love with this man.'

【天小】【的那】【世界】【力量】【殊能】General Vozdvishensky shrugged. `They must have successes, Comrade General. You cannot sow a million seeds without reaping one potato. Personally I do not think the Americans need engage the attention of this conference.' The head of R.U.M.I.D. sat back in his chair and stolidly took out his cigarette case.
【来一】【瞬间】【地你】【点错】【此外】Kerim and Bond walked forward. The man at the head of the table said something to the others. He got up and came to meet them. The rest returned to their dinner and the children to their games.
【世界】【视网】【内进】【无法】【最终】And Beria and all his court had gone to the gallows, while General G. had been given SMERSH as his reward. As for Army General Ivan Serov, he, with Bulganin and Khrushchev, now ruled Russia. One day, he might even stand on the peak, alone. But, guessed General Vozdvishensky, glancing up the table at the gleaming billiard-ball skull, probably with General G. not far behind him.
【了一】【它是】【于一】【中的】【魂物】The two faces of the chess clock showed different times. Kronsteen's showed twenty minutes to one. The long red pendulum that ticked off the seconds was moving in its staccato sweep across the bottom half of his clock's face, while the enemy clock was silent and its pendulum motionless down the face. But Makharov's clock said five minutes to one. He had wasted time in the middle of the game and he now had only five minutes to go. He was in bad `time-trouble' and unless Kronsteen made some lunatic mistake, which was unthinkable, he was beaten.
【一切】【域吗】【自然】【有符】【在自】Breathing became difficult. Bond sighed to the depth of his lungs. He clenched his jaws and half closed his eyes, as people do when they want to hide their drunkenness.


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